JavaScript running on the Hubitat


Oops -- ctrl-enter submitted while I was still editing.

I wanted to comment on your pejorative description of JavaScript and wonder how much was being driven by simply not liking JavaScript. I don't want to get into a fight over languages beyond noting that in the larger world JavaScript/TypeScript has been strongly embraced.


I think all of that has been covered already in this thread.

In any case, you may want to email support and get an official feature request in the system. Posting on here is OK, but I've always felt that it is better to email support to ensure it 'gets in the system'.

Good luck.


Alas, I did a more direct reality check and it's not a priority. Perhaps if the developer community was excited by it but the excitement seems to be in the wrong direction for me ...


I am not trying to come across as being rude, so please do not take what I'm about to say as such.....

You claim of writing home automation code leads me to question why you chose Hubitat in the first place. Surely after all this time you've already created something that suits your needs. And even if for some reason you have not, why did you choose HE over OpenHAB or HomeAssistant. Both of which expose all of the underlying code and I believe HomeAssistant already supports a Javascirpt NodeJS API.

As I said, not trying to be rude, just trying to understand your perspective.


openHAB is written in Java.


Hubitat is written in Java: