Jasco Z-Wave Motion Switch Driver

@mike.maxwell @bravenel I took advantage of the GE sale and purchased a few GE Motion switches. I noticed the stock driver only includes basic configuration settings of this switch: motion sensitivity.

Are there any plans to enhance this driver to include setting the occupancy/operating mode, motion timeout duration, etc? I can set these manually on the switch, but it would be nice to set them via HE or automatiok. There is a driver on the ST community that includes these additional configurations plus more as an example:


I stayed away from these settings in the built in driver due to potential support issues if some one configured then without understanding them, then opening a ticket later trying to figure out why the rule to manage this light wasn't working, when in fact the device was set to manage the lighting on it's own.
While I understand this feature, in the case of the device being managed by a rule enabled hub, I don't see any point to it.

Operating mode would be useful because the only way to change it is by the small button behind the wall plate. It’s inconvenient to remove to change.

What about features like timeout duration and light sensing?

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This driver doesn't take advantage of much of the advertised features of the device. We're forced to use it in "motion=on" mode, which is difficult to get around if you ever want to sleep in the same room as the switch.

The built in driver explicitly disables that function when the device is paired.

I see - somehow I missed that. Thanks, so this approach does allow for some flexibility. However, I am finding the device doesn't update physical on/off presses. I've tried the original driver, as well as two other third party drivers, and nothing seems to go through when physically pressing the switch.

Use: I am using the switch with two sengled bulbs. Rules are: Motion active --> Bulbs on. Motion inactive --> Bulbs off (restricted to day modes). Then I have another rule tying the on/off switch itself to the bulbs, so we can manually control them during sleep modes, but it's not picking up the presses.

Interesting, I wrote this driver some time ago, thought it did update on physical. Ill pair it tomorrow and see whats up.

This driver is working as expected for me.

Hmm, odd. I'll check again in a few hours. This driver should be the same for the switch (26931) and the dimmer (26933)?

Negative, no reporting of physical on/off status. I unpaired and re-paired as well. Mine is the dimmer version.

I have two of these. Strangely, one reports as intended, and the other doesn't. I tried resetting the device. It pairs like this:

Have you tried powering off the switch (does it have an 'air gap' switch that can be pulled out; or maybe throw the CB). I had this happen recently with a GE 14291 (Z-Wave Plus switch) that stopped reporting physical presses but was otherwise working normally. Pulling the air gap for a few seconds fixed it. It has been fine for the past couple of months.

Just tried this - no dice.

The one we have a driver for is a switch...

Still, it works like a charm with my other dimmer. So there must be something sketchy with this one. Can't think of anything else to try. I'll try resetting and repairing a few more times, in case it's just haunted.

Did this get resolved? I just installed a new GE Motion Switch with all default settings and added it to the network. It works in standalone mode, I can turn the switch on/off from Hubitat. However, the switch doesn't appear to send manual events back to Hubitat. Neither on events caused by motion or manual button presses appear in the log. I'm open to suggestions

Last I checked this device reported physical state changes.
It should, but I haven't tested if a report is issued when the light is turned on my the internal motion sensor.

My motion on/off switch log events just fine: motion, physical, and virtual.

I have two dimmers. One reports physical presses, one doesn't. When I get some spare time I'll pull them both out and see what they say on the back.