Jasco has Honeywell Zwave+ Outlets on sale $30 each

SKU: 39439 $29.99

I find these to be much better looking than a plug in device, and @ $30, this is a pretty good price (IMO) for an in-wall device from a reputable brand.
Outlet Here!

There are also some switches and a variety of other Z devices on sale:





Related to this, if you're a Costco member keep an eye on their site, as they sell the Honeywell branded version of this same switch and frequently have the dimmers and switches marked down.

Would be nice if the zigbee version was on sale...

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(You know who you are :wink: )
The only country selectable on the account (shipping) addresses is: United States

Although they tease with:
Zip/Postal Code

Agreed. I hoped, but no joy.


Anyone know if hubitat has a driver for these?


17.99 may be worth playing with..

Tagging @JasonJoel, as he's written a few GE/Jasco drivers and might have some info/experience w/this.

I actually haven't looked at that device but I believe Hubitat has and said it is a weirdly designed device in that it doesn't report status directly back to the hub. If I remember right it was more designed for direct association use, not hub use.

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Good info. Ty @JasonJoel

Am I remembering that correctly @mike.maxwell ?

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Yeah, it appears to claim to do both...

But they seem to emphasize the "no hub" side a bit...

  • No Hub Necessary – The remote allows you to create up to two scenes to control smart devices with or without a Z-Wave hub. It is able to directly pair with Z-Wave switches, dimmers, fan controls and more simple-setup home automation. Solo- and quad-scene models – 34172 and 34176 – are also available for even more varied automation.

Well that leaves the door pin sensor, the outdoor plug and that touch dimmer of interest.

Just can bring myself to buy anymore wall warts. On a side note are there any in wall outlets with dual controllable sockets that are any good?

Really some pretty good deals. Thanks to the OP for posting.

I've not specifically looked for this, but don't remember seeing it available. Thinking about it, either a cost issue (more $$) to control both outlets, or code/safety/legal issue - need to have at least one plug always working so no one sues you when you can't turn on the plug in some unknown life-threatening situation where power is required.

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Lol I had not considered this as a reason they weren't readily available. But now that you mention it it makes total sense.

I kinda figured it had to do with stuffing everything needed in the form factor.

Also a potentially likely issue. :slight_smile: Space is always tight inside the outlet box...

Yeah I added a couple of these to my cart. I've never used them, but thought I'd try them as I'm not really keen on the contact sensors on the doors now. They seem a bit "fiddly".


I think I've read that its a NEC thing, but im not sure what the reasoning is in the code for only a single controlled outlet in a pair is.


I've seen varying reports as to reliability on these so at retail price ive never jumped in. At that price though why not?

Yes - because I remember someone (perhaps @mike.maxwell) saying that. It is not a button device, so button presses are not seen by the hub. More of a scene controller.

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Thanks, makes sense.

Aside from the confusion it's causing us, think of the poor uncontrolled outet having to hear "I have Z-Wave 'cause Mom liked me best!" from the Z-Wave outlet. :wink: