Jasco 26933 not showing up in Dashboard correctly

The Jasco 26933 seems to have problems being correctly identified on the hubs that I have used it on. In the Vera it created a ghost unit that could not be deleted but did create two units. One for the light and another for motion.

As I am switching over to Hubitat the Jasco 26933 shows up in the dashboard but only as a sensor. There is no way to control the light from the dashboard. I have to go to devices and do it from there. Rather awkward and certainly inconvenient.

Being that I am new to the Hubitat is that normal or did my system fail to create the right controls?

I think you have to change its dashboard template from "motion" to "switch". You'd probably want two tiles, one for motion and one for switch.

I'm using @JasonJoel 's excellent driver for this device, which separates the motion and switch components.

I'm pretty sure you can do what I said first even with the stock driver, but if not give @JasonJoel 's driver a whirl.

This is what mine looks like, ie, two tiles:


So how to I load in that dashboard?

I did switch from motion to dimmer. But it appears I can't have both at the same time which is a deal killer for this type of unit.

You have to add the device again and pick the other template.


With the stock dashboard, you can, and sometimes want to, add multiple tiles for the same device. You could have 2 or more tiles for this motion switch, a motion tile and a switch tile. You also could add anything else the switch might support such as held, doubletapped, and others via the Attribute template.

There is (are) community based tile maker(s) that can combine these attributes into a custom tile to display multiple attributes into one tile.

There are likely other solutions, but the easiest way to get started is to just add a new tile, select the device, and a different template each time.


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