It's too quiet

strangely quiet in here... new fw dropping soon?


Agreed... I'd guess someone was on vacation...


Everyone is at Lowe's. :wink:


Haha.. was thinking the same thing. Wait for the new firmware.

My 2 Lowe’s “had” tons of stuff marked down between them. I say “had” because it’s now here. My area must not be HA savvy as the shelves are always full of items at both HD and Lowe’s. I’m there every other day and the stuff never seems to be sold.


I keep checking back in every day to see if the Google Assistant integration gets approved and goes live. I want it to be close but I'm probably wasting my time.

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The Lowe's by me hasn't restocked in a long long time (last time I clean 'em out) maybe they knew not to restock as this has been rumored for a long time. The HD by me just doesn't carry much of anything and Best Buy is a joke.

what do you do when everything just works?

I guess we could just fire up our old SmartThings

Yeah, I had a low battery the other day and was almost excited about it as it gave me something to fix.

That's me today... just looking for something to do....

We need a firestarter :yum::rofl:

Getting bored is dangerous. And expensive.


Yes sir indeed it is!

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I was planning on splitting my Lutron changeover into 5 separate phases over the next 4 or 5 months to spread out the expense. Then I got a couple. Then a few of you had used stuff available. Then I just....need....a...few....more....and now I'm over halfway done in 2 weeks. Oops.

Might as well install fancy Claro wallplates while I'm in there...a few at a time. Well that's 100% completed already. Oops again.

Yeah... I'm kinda doing the same thing playing with Insteon stuff...

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The Sonos picos have dropped from $40 to $25:

Edit: Never mind, price went back up

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