It's time for a 5 Carrot Bunny Approved Product Wiki List

As most of us here have grown to trust @mike.maxwell's judgements, AND since the past couple Hubitat Live episodes have included Carrot ratings from Mike's Magical Bunny.

Hubitat should include a wiki or official documents of only devices that get the 5 Carrot seal of approval.....yes we have supported devices for any devices. I myself upon future device purchases would like a place to see a device that Mike himself (I mean the Bunny) recommends that would provide the best results.


yeah I have been watching the Vids for tips on the best products to reduce issues for sure.

anyone know when the next Hubitat live is?

Next Thursday, they're every two weeks

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This would be great along with adding features supported as some devices support features that are not available in the driver.

bunny carrot ratings are simply my personal opinion of devices, yrmv, also they do not reflect Hubitats corporate opinions, or lack there of...

Not following this, supported features are implemented in the packaged drivers.
I certainly don't have time to review community drivers that may support specific device features that we don't expose, if that's what you mean.

The Zooz Zen20 is the example I have where the manufacturer says the device supports USB monitoring. The device is on the supported list, but specific features are not listed or a note with exclusions that the driver does not support. This honestly was not a deal breaker for me, but I believe it would be helpful to know if the driver has caveats such as the driver you are working on for the mimo2. I saw your mention of a feature that you are not planning to incorporate and I understand your reasoning. Just would be nice if these types of notes were included on the compatibility list. Thanks for your consideration.

Ok I understand now, but to be honest not sure we the have time to specify which device specific features were not implemented for a given driver.

Given the number of devices that exist, it's not possible to implement every device specific option.

Device manufacturers are welcome to write their own device specific drivers for their products should they feel a given feature is a product differentiator.

With the exception of Inovelli, none have them have done this yet.

Figures, they leave all the work up to you, then profit off your hard work.