It feels like Christmas

For months now, I've been stalled on new automations. Mostly because of the wiring in our home and the fear of jumping into something I haven't researched and being apprehensive of going with wifi solutions. Then, out of the blue Inovelli comes out with a no neutral dimmer. I hope a no neutral fan control and on/off switch are on the horizon as well. Anyway, I, for no apparent reason, go look in the closet and discover an Inovelli outdoor plug from our old house that hasn't been used and I find the release for the lightify gateway that's being worked on. Bahliiiing! Is today Christmas? I can automate my garage door for twelve bucks and now I'm going to hopefully have stable lightify integration. It HAS to be Christmas! THIS is why I come here. This is why I'm a hubitatter. Straight from the heart.


I hear your Christmas and raise you 53 wall switches, ready to go in...

Hubitat ftw!

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You might want to take a gander at this. YouTube