Issues with Iris Smart Plugs as Z-Wave Repeaters

@bobbyD mentioned something about the z-wave channel in the Iris smart plugs possible being an issue (or that's how I interpreted the comment). I'm waiting to hear back from him on that.

I've done quite a bit to get my home network optimized so I don't believe its a networking issue. The HE hub and Hue bridge are connected via ethernet to a WAP sit less than a foot away. Do you think I should move the HE hub further away from the WAP?

Troubleshooting and the process of elimination are probably two of my best traits :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help and support.

I recently added 5 Iris zigbee plugs with the built-in Z-Wave repeaters, and almost immediately started having Z-Wave issues. A couple of my switch devices disappeared. Bobby told me about the issues with the z-wave repeaters in those outlets, so I unpaired the z-wave side and all went back to normal. If you have them paired as Z-Wave repeaters it's worth a shot removing them to see if things get better.


What @destructure00 said. We have seen issues with the Z-Wave radio in these smart outlets when they are included as repeaters. The Zigbee radio is great, but I don't recommend using them as Z-Wave repeaters.


These devices have a couple firmware updates over the years. The most recent firmware solves most of the issues. There’s also some wonkiness in how the generic repeater driver works in Hubitat. During the inclusion process, Hubitat does not set the Lifeline association to the hub (node 1). These devices need that set in order to respond to version and other requests.

I’ve ported my Iris Repeater driver over from SmartThings, but HE doesn’t support all of the Z-Wave commands that ST does so I’m having trouble getting the diagnostics working. I’ll release it if I can get all of the issues worked out.


We don't have a way to update though right? These things seem to sit on the shelf at Lowe's long enough that even though you buy one today, there's no guarantee that you get the latest firmware. And we have no way to update without an Iris hub either.


I had two of them but didn't have the z-wave repeater setup. In any case, I removed them completely so we'll see what happens.


Unfortunately no. I have an Iris hub from my beta days that I use to keep the plugs updated. With Lowes shutting down Iris, I’m doubtful they’ll be any more updates to these.

Btw, the latest is firmware x20085010 for the 3210-L (Not the newest L2 model)

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I have (had) 47 of them including Z-Wave repeater connected to SmartThings. Aside from door locks, never had any significant issues with Z-Wave after ST updated Z-Wave radio firmware last winter..

Is this the correct model of Iris Hub that will update the firmware on the Iris 3210-L outlets? It is on clearance for $27, so it might not be a terrible idea if updating the firmware on these outlets truly improves their reliability. Even if Iris shuts down completely, it's only $27...

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So Iris probably won't update them any longer, but they still receive updates from ST is that correct? Are these Centralite plugs? Seems support might still come through them. i wonder about a Wink hub for update too and some devices do receive updates from them, or at least for now seems to still be working. I just had a leaksmart sensor receive an update that for months wouldn't, so there's still some activity at Wink apparently.

So you are saying the work great with HE hub. Did you have them setup as repeaters? Would you be able to share the firmware release of the plugs.

My 5 plugs are paired to HE as zigbee outlets and working fine. It was just the z-wave side causing problems. If you don't have the z-wave repeaters paired then you should be fine, no need to worry about removing the zigbee plug side. It's basically 2 separate devices packaged into one plastic case.

When you "unpaired" after putting the hub into exclusion mode did you have to hit the button once or multiple times like including them?

Multiple...8-10 times I think. The pairing and unpairing inclusion and exclusion process was a pain.

I don't have a lot of Zwave at the moment, but over time I believe I will have more and more zwave items. I have about 10 of these plugs. Should I go ahead and just unpair them now and not consider them Zwave?

Also @destructure00 what is the unpairing process? I assume "just removing" the device isn't enough.

Yeah, and based on my recent experience with the HE hub not handling "not properly" excluded devices...I would want to do this perfectly.

Same as the inclusion process in my case. Tell Hubitat to remove the device, then when the exclusion window opens, press the button on the outlet a bunch of times until Hubitat returned me to the device page. Did not click the Force Remove button for obvious reasons. At one point (can't remember if it was during the inclusion or exclusion process) I was having problems with it not working. Rebooted the hub and had better results. Could have been a coincidence :man_shrugging:

If you didn't have them included as Z-Wave repeaters, they cannot hurt your Z-Wave mesh. I would not have recommended removing them, in those circumstances. They are excellent Zigbee devices. I personally have at least one in each room in my home.

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So far, ST has only pushed firmware for the Iris contact and motion sensors. They have never pushed firmware for the Iris plugs.

Yes. I’ve got 27 moved over to Hubitat so far and I’m still getting clean Zwave repairs. I’m using my own driver though.

That’s the correct hub. You only need a free Iris account. The plugs should update within a couple hours after pairing.


Thanks. I may grab one since they are so cheap. I'd like to get my recent clearance priced Iris devices up to the latest firmware levels while I still can.

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