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Already had one post about issues with mode manager and this update which was solved by reinstalling mode manager. Having various other issues after this update that I never had before with properly performing devices. Such as motion and lighting app working fine to turn on lights but then sometimes turning them off and sometimes not.

Problem I'm currently working on though is a scene I have turning on at sunset and off at sunrise (used to be seems that option is gone since I recreated the rule.) I tried deleting my scene and recreating as well as deleting the simple automation rule and recreating. Made no difference. Here are the rules:


Simple automation rule

Simple automation log for scene

app:4262022-09-10 11:46:00.347 pm infoact: anti-Turn On

app:4262022-09-10 07:46:00.294 pm infoact: Turn On

Movie time (ON) log

app:4252022-09-10 11:46:00.564 pm infoAll off complete

app:4252022-09-10 11:46:00.544 pm infooff: Living Room Sengled Light Strip

app:4252022-09-10 11:46:00.420 pm infoBeginning all off

app:4252022-09-10 07:46:00.754 pm infoActivation complete

app:4252022-09-10 07:46:00.713 pm infosetColor: Living Room Sengled Light Strip, level: 27, hue: 70, sat: 100

app:4252022-09-10 07:46:00.359 pm infoBeginning activation

Movie time log (not sure what difference is)

dev:3882022-09-11 11:54:58.397 am infoMovie time indicator on

dev:3882022-09-10 11:46:00.379 pm infoMovie time was turned off

dev:3882022-09-10 07:46:00.318 pm infoMovie time was turned on

dev:3882022-09-10 07:16:34.526 pm infoMovie time indicator off

dev:3882022-09-10 07:16:34.394 pm infoMovie time indicator on

dev:3882022-09-10 04:01:57.969 pm infoMovie time indicator off

dev:3882022-09-10 04:01:31.284 pm infoMovie time indicator on

I used to have it set to turn off when mode changed to day but kind find that option anymore? Is it gone? Now it wants to turn off when mode changes from evening to night which is not the desired outcome. Anyway, main problem is it usually isn't turning off.

The simple automation rule you posted seems to be configured to turn on when mode becomes evening and turn off at the next mode change (probably night), so it seems to be doing what you have told it. (The logs similarly show on at 7:46pm and off at 11:46pm, which I assume are these mode changes.)

If you can describe what you actually want, then we might be able to help find a solution for you.

But it did not turn off. Hasn't turned off reliably since the update before that was bulletproof.

I really doubt the Hub platform version update caused this change in behavior. However, if you’d like, you can revert the hub firmware version using the hub’s diagnostic tool. This way you can compare the behavior between the two versions.


Good call I will try that.

One thing you may want to try first…. A Scene is really something that can be “activated” by “turning it on”, but is not really designed to be “turned off”.

It looks like you only have one light assigned to the scene. You could modify your rule to simply turn on the light, and turn off the light, to see if the issue really is with just the “scene”.


The rollback seems to have worked so far as everything is working again. Found the option I was looking for as well by choosing specific time then on at evening off at day, not sure how I missed it.

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