Issues using IFTTT

Not seeing Hubitat devices I added in IFTTT listed, not sure if I missed a step?

Trying to add a virtual switch that I setup in Hubitat to control Switchbot Curtain controller.

I had IFTTT for long time but never really used it that much. I did get the Pro version when they offered it for 99 cents a month, just in case I needed to use down the road.

I already had the IFTTT app installed in my C5 Hubitat hub before I did the migration to my C7 hub and never messed with it til now. So today I added a couple of light switches and a virtual switches.

But when I try to bring up any of the device to pick from in Hubitat, I don't see any listed?

It's been an hour since I first tried this, and I'm still getting the same thing?

I’ve never seen this issue myself, but could it be that you are using the wrong or an invalid account to connect to Hubitat?


Not really sure?

But I did get it to work!
I removed the IFTTT app from Hubitat, and removed Hubitat from IFTTT. Went back and did a fresh install/setup and everything is now working.

I'm thinking it might be because IFTTT was first setup under C5 hub, then moved to the new C7. Which might have broke the hub connection?