Issues including devices on C-7

I am in the process of moving ZWave devices from my SmartThings hub to my Hubitat C7 hub.

Hub firmware:
Inovelli Red on/off switch firmware: 1.20
Inovelli Red dimmer firmware: 1.48

The migration was going well until this morning when I ran into issues including an Inovelli Red Switch. Up until this point I had successfully paired other Red switches and dimmers. Each time I had kept the defaults for security and entered the DSK code without issue. For the switch that failed however I had the following happen:

  • Switch was discovered, I accepted the security defaults and entered the DSK code
  • The initialized details were never shown on the inclusion screen
  • Tried to include again and the switch wasn't being discovered
  • Factory reset the switch
  • Started inclusion and the switch was discovered, accepted the security defaults and entered the DSK code
  • Switch was initialized and I was able to save it
  • Tried to update the Preferences and the changes are not being communicated
  • Tried to include another switch and the Hub is unable to discover it
  • I next went into the ZWave tools section and I can see two entries in the table that are sitting at a PENDING status (ghost devices)
  • I did some research on the forums and it seemed like a common resolution was to shut down the hub, unplug it for a minute and then restart it
  • I performed the steps above and then tried to include a new dimmer and am unable to

What are my next steps:

  • Roll back to a previous back of the database? This wouldn't be a big deal as I have only included a few devices since the last backup.
  • Should I be included Inovelli switches/dimmers with security? I read on another forum thread that there is a firmware issue with the Inovelli dimmers and switches that might impact their pairing process.

Exclude the switch
Disconnect the switch
Through the settings menu shut down the hub
Remove power cord for 5 mins (this reset the z-wave radio)
Power back up
Go to Settings >> Z-wave details
Click on ghost device (s)
Click remove button (may take a few times) (Do this for each device that is a ghost)
Shutdown again, remove power cord for 5 mins and power back up
Reconnect device and do factory reset
Re-pair with hubuitat

The reason sounds like you have ghost nodes and it won't pair correctly. If you do have to restore to a previous version of your data base, download that database to your pc first, do a soft reset, then restore from the database on your local PC (downloading the database cleans up any corruption that may be on the hubitat side)


as noted, if the ghost advice trying to be removed still has power to it the hub will be able to ping it and it will not be removed. So a circuit breaker needs to be flipped or if there is a air gap on an inovelli switches that needs to be pulled so the switch has zero power and then the remove can be tried.


Thanks for the steps. I will give these a try a little later today and report back.

I contacted support as well and they indicated my Zwave radio was locked. I'm hoping these steps will help clear up the issue.

@danabw @rlithgow1

These steps removed the ghost devices for me. Thanks so much for posting.

Do you recommend disabling security when pairing Inovelli dimmers/switches? I have paired 8 of them already with security enabled and didn't have any issues during the pair proces. I have another 14 to go. I have seen various posts on the forums recommending to disable security for network performance/reliability reasons.

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I think security is fine. That said, if you get an initializing that goes nowhere, go to the z-wave status page and find the device (not the hex num during initializing) and click discover to force pairing. Oh and you can download the latest firmware for your switches from innoveli

also if the pairing fails.. you can do exclude immediately and it should get rid of the ghost at that point.. do not try to include again till you exclude the failed pairing.

I recommend only using security on devices like garage doors and locks...I don't see the need w/switches, contact/motion sensors, etc. It's a personal preference thing, except in the case of some devices that don't play well when joined w/security there is no "best" approach.

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