Issues after update

Recently updated to latest version. After the update, the hub could not connect to the cloud. It connected to the local network, and I full control via a LAN through the PC or via wi-fi through the phone. All rules worked. Everything was fine except for no connection to the cloud. Multiple reboots and power down and wait attempts made no difference.

I wanted to do a soft reset, but the only options presented at the [IP]:8081 page were previous firmware versions. Having no other option, I proceeded to roll back to the previous version.

That solved the cloud issue, but then all of my Simple Automation rules started showing errors. I did backup the DB before rolling back the version and then restored it afterwards. I just removed all of the Simple Automation rules and created them in the Simple Lighting app. Anyone else had issues with the Simple Automation App? I'm not sure if the rollback screwed it up or something else did.

I know this is lot to digest, but I have a feeling that the attempted and ultimately aborted update started all of this.


I guess I don't understand what you mean by "the cloud". Are you referring to the dashboard? Are you referring to integrations that are cloud based? Sometimes after an update, you just need to go back into those cloud based integrations and click done. So, please clarify what you mean by "the cloud".

Unit gave the message "Cloud connection is unavailable". All local functions worked OK, but anything that required an internet connection did not. Google Home and remote dashboards were not functioning. Local network dashboards Ok.

Hi @thekidb

I had a similar problem a while ago, not sure if it is the same as you but here is what I was told to do. I would suggest you make a full backup before and obviously you do this at your own risk.

You could try to renew the cloud certificate by following these steps:

  1. go to: yourHubIP/hub/cloud/deleteCloudRegistration

Replace "yourHubIP" with your current hub's IP address. Once you've accessed the above path, then go to the following url:


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I'll try that this weekend. Thanks.