Issues after static IP address

Hey all I have two issues I got a new router and was setting things up a little differently on the network side. When I got my new router set up it assigned it a an static IP address.

  1. It seems like the remote admin login is still referencing that dynamic address. How do I have remote access either reference the new one or how do I change it.

  2. I am able to discover my hub in the app and log in that way. I can get access to the dashboard and do what I need to do. However, in the app when I click on dashboard it spins for a second and then load a blank screen.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot what is going on. I am assuming I messed something up when I entered in the static IP address into the settings and applied it.


Many folks have reported issues when assigning a static IP address at the hub level. Not sure if the issues you're experiencing are related but they may be. I would suggest using DHCP and reserving the address in your DHCP server. Both methods ensure your hub keeps the same IP address but assigning it via a DHCP reservation seems to work better.

In addition HE supports only a /24 subnet. That's normal for most home network implementations but just something to keep in mind.


@maustin002 The issue is caused because the DNS isn't properly put in. Go back into settings and put in and it will work fine. Though most recommendations are using a DHCP reservation. Easier to keep track of things.


@rlithgow1 you are the man, that fixed it!!!


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