Issue with Zooz ZEN27 dimmer - Possible issue with 2.0.7

I am having an issue with my Zooz ZEN27 dimmer. I noticed the issue after updating to 2.0.7 but it could have been there before and I didn't notice.

I have 2 Zooz ZEN27 dimmers. I received new firmware from Zooz that supposedly fixed their chattiness. I updated one of them and didn't have time to do the other. Both use the Generic Z Wave Smart Dimmer driver.

I don't know if the issue cropped up after updating the firmware or updating my HE to 2.0.7. Everything seems to work, but the one with the updated firmware will not update its state (on or off) in the Device details page or the dashboard. I can turn it on or off via the details page though.

The switch without the updated firmware works just fine.

I excluded it and re-added it but still have the same issue.

So either something is funky with the new firmware and the built in driver is not catching it or something in the new hub update is causing it. I also noticed that the switch without the newer firmware has several more entries in the Data column than the other one if that helps.

Did zooz give you a list of what was changed in the new firmware?

Did you try hitting configure on the driver details page?

No, did not receive a changelog with it. I will reach out to them to see if they can provide one.

Yes, I hit Configure but did not help.

I have a custom driver for Zen27 ported from ST but it will not configure the advanced settings for some reason. Trying to sort that out.