Issue with Two Devices - Log Entries with activity

I'm very new to Hubitat - I had a bunch of z-wave devices registered to my security system and was having issues with inconsistent on / off behavior. They were unable to offer any help to figure out what the issue might be and how to correct it.

I moved them all to Hubitat - and things are working much better. And with the logs, z-wave matrix - and other items - i've been able to get things to stabilize.

Most of my switches are GE Enlighten Dimming switches - which are mostly working great - except for one.

I also have two non dimming GE switches - which continue to generate errors. They added themselves with a generic driver. I just changed the driver to the GE Enlighten one - and the behavior hasn't changed. Not sure if I need to do anything after changing the driver.

Here are the errors I see from the one dimmer that is generating errors:

and the errors that I see when the two non-dimming switches are used:

i saw in some posts - people wanted the z-wave matrix - and some info from the hub - i'll post those here just in case:


thanks in advance!

Those log entries are not errors. They are debug logs, enabled by an option in the driver, which show more information about what the device is sending to the hub before the driver parses it into the events you see (or ignores it, etc.). Your driver also logs what commands you (or an app) are sending, like off()--which can be handy sometimes (not all drivers do that last thing!).

These can be useful for troubleshooting. By default, they are enabled when a deivce is added, then automatically disabled 30 minutes after they were enabled by any means. If this was missed on these devices, you can just manually turn off the "Enable debug logging" on the device detail page and select "Save Preferences" to save the changes.

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ah - thanks so much for the quick response @bertabcd1234 !

i checked - and debug was enabled on those 3 specific devices. i just turned it off.

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Sounds like @bertabcd1234 answered your immediate question. I find the ZWave details page much more helpful than the topology map when identifying issues, particularly ghosts. If you've just added a bunch of zwave devices it's good to check it.

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thanks @brad5

on that page - if all devices are listed as Status "OK" - does that indicate that all is well?

Not quite sure what the "OK" means but generally I look at a couple things... first, there should be a route back to the hub - no route is a good indication of a ghost. I also check for RSSI. RTT, and number of route changes. If any of those are out of whack it may mean that a device is having trouble communicating reliably.

If you want to post your details we can take a look.

happy to do that - thanks.

Your mesh is a model of good health! The route change counter gets reset each time you restart the hub and to see a few isn't unusual. You do have one device - hex 25 - that has a long response time but if it works it's fine. You do have a lot of routes using repeaters but that's what they're for... maybe your hub isnt centrally located or something. But unless you're having problems I'd say it looks pretty clean.

ok great, thanks @brad5!

so i have some occasional / random issues - like a light doesn't dim to the right level, o turn off / on properly.

the hub is definitely not in an ideal location. unfortunately i don't have a CAT5/6 connection where it would probably be ideal.

i originally bought a wireless adapter / dongle for it - but the hub was rebooting on a regular cycle. now that things are stable - i may try to get that working again.

i had bought the two devices below - which i thought i read were supported:

Your mesh looks good but I would get some repeaters close to your deck and patio switches. The speed on those are abysmal.

I can definitely do that @rlithgow1 ...

would I want to place them near to those switches? or somewhere between those switches and the hub (or other switches)?

And finally - any repeaters that you'd recommend?


I personally like the Ring range extenders. They have backup batteries and double as power outage detectors... assuming your hub is on a UPS and any intermediate repeaters are powered.

thanks @brad5 - and being new to this - would the extenders get installed near the switch that's showing poor throughput?

or somewhere between that switch and other switches / the hub?

ZWave routing is one of the great mysteries of life... I have a bunch of them all over the house, some never get used, some drift in and out of use. The trick is that zwave will not generally reroute unless its primary route fails... even if the route is crappy. I'd try relatively closer to the zwave device that needs help and give it a few weeks. Sometimes you can get the device to use the repeater by re-pairing the device but that's a pain.

@rlithgow1 may have better advice though...

Put them as close to the switches as you can then exclude and re pair the switches to force them through the repeater...

Ring Extender v2.

Note: They prefer to be paired WITH security. They work best that way and also you get battery/vs main attributes so you can use them for triggering rules.