Issue with Rule Machine not always recognizing button presses

Hey All, I’d love your help with an intermittent issue in having. I have 2 Inovelli Red Dimmers that I have setup as buttons to activate and deactivate my HSM. I created rules in RM that turn the LEDs red when the system is armed and flash green for 30 seconds when it’s disarmed. This worked fine (mostly) until recently.

When I activate the alarm, the LED goes red nearly instantly every time. When I deactivate, it takes about 15-30 seconds to go green, if it goes green at all. If I log in to Hubitat I can see the alarm has been disarmed. So where it gets really strange is if I deactivate using my phone or another button, the LED immediately goes green. I’m completely confused by the erratic behavior. Clearly the system is being disarmed in each instance, but the device is not responding the same as would be expected.

Any suggestions you all can offer would be greatly appreciated!


I would suggest using logs to try to narrow down where the problem is. From the title of the post, I see that your suspicion is with the rule. You can narrow this down by turning on (at least) trigger and action logging for the rule. If it triggers immediately on button press and says it's running whatever action you have that does what you expect to happen but isn't, then the issue likely lies with the device and not the rule. (You will see this output in "Logs," either in real time as the events happen, or you can look at "Past Logs" on the same page after the fact.)

You can also play with the "Set Indicator" command on the device (use the calculator to find a value) or the "child devices" for notifications if you're using Inovelli's driver that creates these. If it works sporadically from the device page, it's likely to also work sporadically from the rule--but, again, you've rule out the rule as a possibility. This is more speculation on my part...logs are your friend to start. :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestions. I have reset the Inovelli driver (to make sure it’s up to date), and that fixed one device. The logs are showing the RM response nearly instantaneously. The bizarre thing is I have a Zigbee fob I use sometimes to activate/deactivate the alarm, and the Inovelli Red Strips respond instantly to that. It’s only when I use the Red buttons that I have the issue. I did notice my Red button command includes shutting off the siren and the fob does not. I will mess with that today when I have a chance. If you have any other ideas I’m open to trying things. This used to work flawlessly… I’m not sure what happened to “break” it.

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