Issue with RM - Change had occurred

I have a rule to turn on a heater each weekday morning.
If I am not in the office, I just turn it off, but the heater keeps coming back on

Have I set something up incorrectly?

Check the Desk Heater device and see if something else is turning it on. Perhaps Alexa hunches? If not, turn on logging and post them here.

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Nothing else is using it.
Logs do not show anything, as the rule happened a few hours ago
And as usual, app events do not show anything

What version are you on? Look at the scheduled jobs and see if there are a bunch of events listed. Try hitting Done to see if the rule starts working correctly again. If that doesn't change anything then I would delete and recreate as it pretty simple and should be working as is.

Next scheduled job is tomorrow morning at 0645.
If the heater comes on again during the day (should only come on once in the morning if conditions are met), i will delete and re-create the rule

Shouldn't the next scheduled job be Monday at 0645?

right. sorry. Monday.

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Turn on Event and Trigger logging for the rule. That will reveal when it runs.

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If you want your logs to last longer, turn off logging for any devices you're not really interested in logging.

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@cuirbear any update?

I think that the trigger for turning back on was the rule set up to turn the heater off at the end of the day.
I had a temperature variable in turning it off; I changed that to be just time based.

Will be monitoring it more next weekend.

Ok. It looks as if the rule is being enacted regardless of the time

The heater came on at 1703 today.
I had turned it off just prior.

WHat is going on> Obviously the conditions are being met, but the trigger events are not in play.


Anything listed for the heater “in use by”? What does the log say at 1703?

i get this:

app:192021-12-27 17:03:12.870 debugdevice event: {"name":"switch","value":"on","displayName":"Desk Heater","deviceId":"50","descriptionText":null,"unit":null,"type":"digital","data":null}

dev:502021-12-27 17:03:12.851 info[Multi Plug/6.1.1] Desk Heater setSysInfo: switch: on

app:192021-12-27 17:03:11.905 debugdevice event: {"name":"temperature","value":"12.50","displayName":"Office Sensor","deviceId":"279","descriptionText":"Office Sensor temperature is 12.50\u00b0C","unit":"\u00b0C","type":null,"data":null}

dev:2792021-12-27 17:03:11.884 infoOffice Sensor temperature is 12.50°C

It’s hard to read the log when you copy/paste. Screenshots are better.

Again, what is shown for the heater device “in use by” section on its device page?

And, do you have any associations between the heater plug and anything?

Any possibility that you have another rule calling this one?

It would be interesting to turn on logging for this rule to see what triggers it and watch the actions.

inteteresting. i do see now another rule calling it

need to investigate it

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