Issue with Mode Manager

Wondering if someone smarter than myself could help me out with a weird issue I'm having with Mode Manager...

When I got my hub, I originally set up Mode Manager with the modes of Day, Evening, and Night. I had them configured as follows:

  • Day - Sunrise to Sunset all days of the week
  • Evening - Sunset to 11pm on Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thu. Sunset to 11:30pm on Fri, Sat.
  • Night - 11pm to Sunrise on Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thu. 11:30pm to Sunrise on Fri, Sat.

This was working fine for months. Never had any problems. So when something isn't broke, break it right? :laughing: Apparently that's what I did...

About two weeks ago, I added two more modes so I could better handle some situations with automating lights. I added Late Evening and Early Morning. My Mode Manager now looks like this:

Easy enough, right? Well...I have noticed that everything seems to be working the way it is supposed to Sunday - Thursday. However, on Friday and Saturday is still switching to Night mode at 11:30pm. Why would it be doing that? Here is a look at the current scheduled jobs:

As you can see, there are not one...but TWO events scheduled for 11:30pm today. NOTHING should be firing at 11:30pm anymore!

Does anyone know what would cause this, and how I can fix it?

I'm on version I haven't been prompted to update anything? I assumed I had the latest version.

Here is what I see when I check for updates:


It does look good.
Maybe it somehow got corrupted.
Might be worthwhile uninstalling Mode Manager and redefining it.
Also you are using Sun to Sat on every mode.
Doesn't this mean you don't have to have "Configure with daily setings" active.
There is no need for it the way you have things configured.

Maybe just uncheck that function first and see if it resolves your issue.

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Pure speculation on my part..
I don't use days of week, so I can't respond, but an observation; why use DOWs when it's everyday ?

Good point. I was using days of the week earlier, as I had different times for modes on Friday/Saturday...but not anymore.

Ok, so I unchecked that function and the two events for 11:30pm tonight are still showing in the Scheduled Jobs. So...doesn't look like that did much for me.

Is there no other option than to remove/re-install Mode Manager? Doing that is going to break a lot of my rules, which I would need to fix. I am trying to avoid that, if possible.

Did you hit Done? Could you show what Mode Manager looks like now?

Removing and reinstalling Mode Manager would not break anything. No other app directly connects to it.

Yes, I did click "Done." Here is what Mode Manager looks like now:

And here are the scheduled jobs:

Hit "Configue with daily settings" and see if there is still an 11:30 PM hanging out there somewhere. If so, clear that setting by erasing each part of the time. See if that clears it up. You can then go back to not having daily settings.

This seems like a bug that should get cleaned up.

Do let me know if you find such a setting in there for some day.

Ok, I did what you suggested. I did not see anything referencing 11:30 PM hanging around still. So then I wound up just removing the Mode Manager app and then re-installing it (thanks for letting me know doing that would not break any of my rules...I don't know what I was thinking).

After re-installing Mode Manager and setting it back up, everything looked the way it should and I verified overnight that the correct modes fired at the proper times. So that looks to have solved it for me.


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