Issue with Link To Hub / Hub Link

So I'm seeing something wacky here when trying to link 2 Habitat Hubs together using Link To Hub and Hub Link. I got a new hubitat hub today and I'm trying to link it to my existing hub. Let's call them "New hub" and "Old hub".

New hub -
Old hub -

First thing I did was install Hub Link on "New hub" and give it the ip for linked hubs. (since it is receiving the virtual devices from "Old hub" and the description says "install on receiver hub")

Then on "Old hub" I install Link to Hub, give it for "Master Hub IP", make sure "enable link" is activated and select a single RGBW "device" called Office Lights. (since it is sending its devices to "New hub" and the description says "install on sender hub")

When I click done on Link To Hub install on "Old hub" I get an "Office Lights" device on "New hub" which doesn't control the lights (color, on/of, nothing) and on "Old hub" I get "vr_Office Lights".

  1. Why can't I control "Office Lights" on "New hub"?
  2. Why is "Old hub" adding "vr_Office Lights" virtual device to itself when it's the hub with the original device?

It's my understanding, and maybe I've misunderstood, that "vr_Office Lights" should appear on "New hub" and control the lights. Am I wrong?

NOTE: "Old hub" had Hub Link installed at one time to receive devices from my old ST hub.

ok, so I re-read Link to Hub, slower this time, and apparently the v*_ devices showing up on the "sender", or in my case "Old hub" is the norm. And I guess if you delete the v*_ device on the "sender" it renders the device on the "receiver" inoperable. Looks like I just have to put up with double devices on the "sender".

That being said I still can't change colors on my Hue bulbs using the device on the "receiver" hub. Any ideas?

On New hub (master) Hub Link should have created a device called Office Lights. Did it? On Old hub (remote) it does create a device named vr_Office Lights. The reason for this is so that when New hub wants to control the real Office Lights (on Old hub), it can send a message that is received by the vr_Office Lights device (the real Office Lights driver can't receive it, because it is Z-Wave or Zigbee). When the vr device receives the message, it is supposed to pass it on to the parent (Link to Hub), who in turn would send the command to the real Office Lights. This is the opposite direction control, from master back to remote.

If you turn on Office Light, the corresponding virtual Office Lights on New Hub should turn on. Does it? First, though, did that device actually get created on New hub?

Yes, now that I re-read your link to hub post slower I understood it. Both the "vr_Office Lights" on Old hub and "Office Lights" on New hub were created. And if I turn on/off the "Office Lights" on New hub they "vr_Office Lights" go on/of accordingly.

The problem I'm seeing now, and it's not huge, is that changing the color on New hub doesn't actually change the color of the bulbs. I have to do that thru the Old hub. Not a huge problem for me but I noticed it in testing on the New hub and was wondering if it should control the color or not.

Yes it should change the color going in both directions. Tomorrow I will set up a test like yours to see what's going on. There could be a bug that was fixed in some other apps.

What driver are you using for Office Lights?

My Office Lights are Hue's and I'm using my Hue hub with the Hue integration.

Ah, yes, then that explains it. There was an issue with Hue integration that I had to fix in other apps, but didn't get around to fixing it in Hub Link and Link to Hub. Will get to that pronto. Thanks for your patience and letting me know.

You're welcome.