Issue with Inovelli Notification not working with Tap Down (held) on Red series dimmer

I been messing around with my Inovellie (Red series) dimmers today. I created a few scenes with LED notifications and all seems to be working fine.

But I created a scene were if you 2X Tap the Upper dimmer switch, it would turn on our theater room RGB strips lights on, and run Notification #2, and that all work just fine.
But when you 2X tap the Down dimmer switch, it does turn off all the lights that it set to turn off, but it does not run the Notification #3 on the dimmer switch like it's suppose to?

Can you run the LED Notification scene when you Tap down on the Inovelle dimmers?

I can't see why that would be a problem. Have you tried bypassing your automation and just turning on that child device directly? If that doesn't work, your automation won't be able to do it either (so there's still a problem, just not one with the way you're using it). The only other thing I can think of for these is that turning on the dimmer or setting a level causes the LED bar to go back to "regular mode" and overrides any notifications you may have set. So if the same button event is causing the dimmer to adjust its level or turn off/on (or at least on--not sure if off does this), the notification will probably get stifled before you get to see it. I think they might be working on that second issue.

I can turn the child device ON, and it runs just fine.

It looks like it's "on" right now. Is that not the notification that is being displayed?

I click on the child device On, and it ran the 5 second like it's suppose to. But it did not reset itself, I would need to Click Off in order to show it being Off.

Even if I click on "Refresh" it still shows being On, but it's really ran the scene and turned off like it should.

Yeah, that's a driver issue it looks like. When turning on another notification or after a notification is complete, the child device should turn itself off. Otherwise, Hubitat won't post the event so the device won't see a change.

Just tried to create two separate rules, one for turning on the lights and another one for turning off the lights, but I still get the same issue,

Wait a second... Your button controller rule us turning off Notification 3 instead of turning it on. That's why you're not getting the notification. If you want to turn the lights off and turn on the notification, that's what you have to have for button #2 held.

It should be "off Theater Room- Accent lights, ...... On Theater Room - Hallway Lights (notification 3)

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Yep, that was it... It's working fine now.
Thanks for spotting that!


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