Issue with Default Hubitat OpenWeather Device

I'm having an issue with the default OpenWeatherMap device that came on the 1.10 update. It appears from the logs that this device is adding &units=imperial on the end of the URL instead of putting this string after the zip code.

Note: I censored my key on the screenshots and logs below.

dev:8352018-11-13 14:26:24.333:warnOpenWeatherMap - getWeather() execption Illegal character in query at index 99:,US&APPID=*********** &units=imperial

dev:8352018-11-13 14:26:24.305: refresh...

If I use this URL, it works fine:,US&units=imperial&alerts&APPID=*******

Device Page:

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I just created the device for this for the first time and it's working fine for me. Maybe delete the device and re-add?

I figured it out, there was a space on the end of the API Key. After the 2.0 update, it showed the space which wasn't showing on the previous version.