Issue with decimal variables within Speak command

Hi all

I have a rule that monitors the mains grid voltage:

Today it triggered after a low voltage was detected and called this rule, set-up as a Subroutine:

(The other called rule sends a txt notification to various devices and works fine) The issue I have is that voltage level 219.1 is not being included within the message - just everything up to and including 'currently'

Is this a bug or me doing something wrong?


If I create a test rule and enter the same message all as text without the variable, the message is spoken correctly.

I've tried this every way possible, with value in decimal variable, full string in string variable, local and hub variables. Works correctly every time on my Sonos.

Thanks, I'll recreate the rule from scratch and retest.

The error was in the subroutine... For some reason, I had limited the message to 3 seconds duration at some point in the past. :zipper_mouth_face:

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