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I'm trying to locate a source to purchase Aeotec Motion sensors (zigbee). Back when Samsung had their name on it, it was GP-U999SJVLBAA. I have an investment in rechargeable batteries that fit this unit, have had near perfect feature and function from it. I especially like the magnetic mount.
It is no longer available online generally speaking (I've seen weird posts for ebay and expensive prices that I'm not going to risk trying).
The Aeotec line is the same (as stated on the aeotec website) but their 'source' list just spins and spins and won't tell me where I can buy!
Has anyone seen a source of the Aeotec stuff yet? Amazon? Target? Best Buy? Home Depot?

They’re on Amazon.

I just checked again, and that specific device is not. it does offer buying options but is not currently available from amazon like the other Aeotec products. Also - note that it still carries the Smartthings moniker in name - I think thats legacy...

I believe all the zigbee devices that aeotec bought out from Samsung say Aeotec Smartthings, the water sensor in your screenshot also does.

The Amazon listing for the motion sensor says ships from Amazon, sold by aeotec home and arrives tomorrow with one-day prime shipping. That would work for me.

I have a couple of the ST branded motion sensors and they’re pretty good.

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Can you share what types these are and where you found them? I have a lot of the ST sensors and would love to get some rechargeable batteries for them.


I got em on amazon - they have worked real well (knock on wood)

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