Is this the correct order?

This rule is used to visually and audibly signal alarm intrusion delay. I had it working fine but when I disarmed it would finish out the current repeat cycle it was on so I added the stop/off/close at the end. Should those be after the END-REP?

I did have an issue with it not stopping today when I went to show the new cleaning lady how to disarm. The system disarmed but the repeating didn't stop.

I would do a Repeat while and put the wait conditions in there instead. Them I would put the off/close after the repeat condition.

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I actually tried that and it works much better. I was getting a mix of working perfect, finishing out the current cycle after stop repeat was triggered, and just flat out not stopping at all.

Well damn....

I realized that while can't subscribe to HSM Alert only status. No biggie. I set up a simple boolean rule. I went to add it with an or expression and it now seems to be stuck!

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