Is this rule right?

I got a humidity sensor today, I want to make a rule to control the dehumidifier. Would this work?
Greater then 55% the unit turns on. Less then 56% it turns off. Thanks.

I would make the trigger
Humidity of ZOOZ hum changed. Just for simplicity sake.
The rest is ok.

Thanks, that makes sense.

You might want to spread the range out a little more, to prevent cycling the dehumidifier more frequently than necessary (unless you're trying to control to a very tight humidity range.)

I'm not, I'm just new to this rule machine. What would that look like?

maybe use 53% and 56% instead of 55% and 56%. This will allow the dehumidifier to run longer, and then be off for longer. But, it really depends on your home, the dehumidifier, etc... Have you monitored the humidity level of the basement for a few days to see how much it fluctuates? Then observe how quickly the humidity changes when the dehumidifier is running, versus off. Knowing how the overall system responds should help you determine what an acceptable range would be. Good luck and Have Fun! :slight_smile:

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I would do something like

TRIGGER: Humidity < 55

Turn on DeHum
wait for Humidity <= 50 
Turn off DeHum

I try to avoid multiple triggers if possible.

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Thanks, I just got the sensor today so I'll need to monitor it more. you do bring up a good point though.

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Somewhat adding on to ogiewon's suggestion to dig deeper into how the system functions, consider whether the dehumidifier might have a little more smarts than it will be able to use if you just turn the power off and on externally. Does it never run the fan without the compressor? For example, mine does an air sample check once an hour which moves air but doesn't cool. That way it is measuring humidity over a larger sample before it decides to run or not. It may also run the fan a little bit longer than the compressor.

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Yes I think it does that. I've seen it just run the fan without the compressor for awhile.

Does this look right? I'm still trying to figure out rule machine.

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