Is this a job for RM?

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I'm a ST user still waiting for my first HE (C7) to arrive, so i haven't tried the Rule Machine yet..
I read here, that RM is quite powerful, but others are also suggesting and using others tools; Node Red (haven't looked at it yet) or continue using WebCoRE.

I build this piston in WebCoRE to notify me when the washer is done, and to remind me to empty the washer every 15 min afterwards, based on readings from an outlet with power consumption readings.

In the name of choosing the right tool for the job, i was wondering if RM would be able to do what i do in this piston, AND if it would make sense to use RM to do this:

It goes without saying, that i should expect to use a lot of hours to get to know RM and to be able to create complex automations - but i would like to avoid using to many of these hours to realize that something like this can't be done. :slight_smile:

  1. Would it be a better solution to keep WebCoRE for jobs like this, when i switch to HE?
  2. If RM is able to do it, would it be better solution (faster, HE resources used, etc.)?

Pros and cons are welcome - thanks..

// Kenneth

My recommendation is always to use the supplied applications first like simple automation, motion lighting, Mode Manger etc. and then move into Rule Machine if the type of automation you are tying to do is becoming complex. I too moved a lot of SmartThings WebCore pistons into HE but I waited until Rule Machine 4.0 came out since it's design language was much easier to work with than previous versions. I like WebCoRE and have been testing it again but since it's not a built in app there are risks when HE changes code that WebCoRE will also have to be updated.


Good advice - thanks..!

Good point..!

Here is an example of a Rule Machine 4 rule that may help get you started.


Cool..! Thanks @ogiewon

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