Is Thermostat Scheduler Eco Mode broken?

Eco Mode stopped working for me recently. The app sets the temp to 20.05.00 instead of 25 (20+5) according to logs. I set eco on/off using RM.

I don't know, but I saw something odd with it today as well. I'm looking into it. Mine is set by Away mode, but that shouldn't matter.

Yes indeed, there is a bug in ecoMode -- introduced recently. Fix will be in next release. In the meantime, it is truly broken.


Bruce, in the new update 222.123 will that allow the Eco Mode to function if the thermostat is in the HOLD function in the Thermostat Scheduler app? In the summer with the air conditioning on, I don't use a schedule for my Go Control. I put the thermostat on HOLD in the app, and set it for 77 degrees while I'm home. If I leave, I'd like ECO Mode to raise the temp 2 degrees to 80 degrees.This didn't work yesterday BEFORE I had a chance to update to 222.123. Just wondering if the new update will allow this to function in this manner.

THANKS SOOOOO much for the Alexa skill functionality with our thermostats. GREAT addition!

Will that skill just allow for a specific temperature or can you ask Alexa to RAISE or LOWER the temp so many degrees? Thanks again!

Hold means that Thermostat Scheduler will not change the settings, even for Eco Mode. It sounds like you shouldn't be using Hold for what you want to do. For seasonality, use a rule in Rule Machine to change the settings in Thermostat Scheduler as desired the season. So, you'd set the Cooling Setpoint to 77 for each time or mode section, and use Eco Mode for Away. When that season is over, another rule would put the settings to where they should be then. These seasonal rules can be fired on specific dates, or you could simply open the rule and run it manually when you decide to change seasons.

Much appreciated your explanation Bruce! Thanks so much for your quick response.