Is there ANY news on the protection service release date?

My C7 has now been sitting in its box for almost 6 months. Is there any update on when the protection service might be released? If it's not coming soon I'm just going to bite the bullet and do things manually. The radio transfer is the sole reason I'm interested in the protection service as I already have my own backup solution built (back up HE to a RAID'ed Synology NAS nightly, then copy it up to the cloud nightly as well).


I believe the HE staff alluded to this coming in the 2.2.5 release but I’d be curious to have them confirm or deny this.

They did on the last Hubitat live but that was about 6 weeks ago. Like you said, just hoping for an update since we haven’t heard too much. I have an issue with my mesh that I know the new C7 zwave tools will help me track down and I’d been holding off on moving everything over but now I’m facing my wife being unhappy that stuff only works 90% of the time.


When I checked maybe a couple of month or so ago, the answer I got back from the staff was that it would not be anytime soon, so I ended-up biting the bullet. It took me the 2 days of the weekend to transition, then maybe 2 weeks to get my Z-Wave mesh stabilized and fixed-up. 2.2.4 wasn’t out yet and there were some major issues in 2.2.3 that impacted me...

One thing that helped me a lot is doing a spreadsheet with:

  1. All my Z-Wave devices
  2. All my Zigbee devices
  3. All encountered issues with resolution(s)

I was thinking of writing a post describing my experience, but then I figured most people would be transitioned by now... Let me know if you’d like me to share.


I bit the bullet as well. Mine sat in the box about 3 months.

Just bring the C7 on line little by little. With Hub mesh and being able to export individual rules and then import them back makes it fairly easy, if not a bit tedious..


Last HE Live they said it was ready and worked. The issue was standing up the subscription model, how to pay, etc.

I too have a c7 sitting waiting. I did plug it in and have it online doing nothing atm. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t DOA.


I'm in the exact same state. Bought one months ago, but am just waiting as my C5 is doing just fine for now. Ultimately I want the C5 to be a backup I have ready in the event there is any hardware failure.


Yeah that is what they said. It just seems odd. I've built eCommerce subscription systems both using existing shopping cart tools and also from the ground up, it's not that complicated. The reality is we're not trying to cure cancer here, or anything really innovative, it's implementing something that many, many companies do already (heck I mean Wink was able to stand up a subscription model in a few weeks when they were on the verge of going out of business at the time!)

If it's truly this hard, make it free for the first month, put it out there, get people using it, iron out the issues while you build out the subscription tech. No one (well less people anyway) is going to complain if it doesn't work flawlessly if it's a "free public beta" vs. if we're paying a monthly fee for it!

If it weren't for the fact that I have several ZWave devices in hard to reach areas (attic, basement, inside junction boxes, etc.) I'd have already done it. If I had known it was going to be this long I probably would have waited to buy the C7 instead of having it sit in a box as it has except for the 1 time I booted it up and upgraded it to ensure it wasn't DOA.


I am intending to make my C5 the app hub if possible. So it’ll run my ecobee, weather station, etc integrations. Take some load off the c7 hosting all the devices.

My real question is does Hub Protect cover all the hubs owned by someone, in same household, or just one hub? Guessing the latter, hoping the former.

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Yup. But they’re smart chaps. So I assume they hit a real wall, or at least something that made them go “this sucks. Let’s go back to fixing C7 bugs”. Lol.

I just hope it’s sometime soonish. I really don’t wanna manually migrate my stuff. :slight_smile:

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I can't find the post but I believe they said per-hub pricing.

Possibly, I guess I'm more inclined to believe they found issues with the tech itself than with setting up an ecommerce platform to manage subscriptions. That's kind of my fear, especially given all the other ZWave issues they had in the C7. I might be a skeptic, but it seems harder for me to believe there were a thousand ZWave bugs, but the radio backup/restore works flawlessly and the only issue is building an ecommerce solution for an off-the-shelf shopping cart that you could easily find a consultant to build for you if lack of time is the issue.

FYI, Shopify, the eCommerce solution Hubitat uses for their store has subscriptions built in Subscriptions · Shopify Help Center

I mean if I told my board of directors that the thing preventing me from opening a new recurring revenue stream for the past 5 months for my business was I couldn't get a shopping cart working, I'd start updating my resume before putting that presentation together :slight_smile:


They definitely said that. Whether it stays that way when released or not is TBD - but I expcect it will be a per hub fee.


Thanks! I had not seen that. :slight_smile:

To all you peeps out there who have purchased a C7 and are waiting for this service, why not just go ahead and bite the bullet.
I bought a C7 some months ago and moved everything from my C3 on to it.
Just installed the backup from my C3 on to my C7.
Went round all my zigbee devices and paired them in about 2 hours. All fully working.
Z Wave was a bit trickier but using the method that Bruce posted it was a bit painful but I took my time and all wave devices were up and running in around 4 hours.
So basically it took a day to do it.
I only have around 15 zwave devices so this did make things easier.

Come on, give it a go.................... :wink:

EDIT: I feel I should put a disclaimer in.
If it screws things up for you, you never saw or heard from me..... sssshhhhhhh.


I'd love to, I just don't have a full day to spend on this with young aged kids home. :frowning:


Because I have 60+ zwave devices, and some of them are a real pain when it comes to pairing.


I'm also concerned about some of mine working properly with the C-7.

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Well, let's hope the service works as you are expecting, and that there aren't a bunch of "gotchas" and "it works, but..." caveats.

Until it is out in the wild no one knows. It isn't even in external beta testing as far as I know, so I'm not optimistic it is really close yet.

I'm crossing my fingers that it works as expected when it does come out. :crossed_fingers:


I hear ya, it seems very strange that making a zwave radio backup is taking this long. I half expect them to release a 'c-8' and say you only get backups with a c-8 hub.