Is there and easy way to identify sensors in a group?

My garage motion zone controller consists of 4 Ring Gen2 motion sensors. When I set it up I obviously gave each an individual name, but I failed to note which one is which. Is there an easy(ish) way to figure out which one is which so I can label them appropriately for future maintenance, etc.? Worse case I guess I could exclude and reinclude them, but I was hoping there was an easier way than that.

How about covering (or moving) 3 of the 4 sensors so they can't detect when the remaining one picks up motion? Insure these devices provide logging info so you can ID when each is activated in Hubitat logs. Cover #1-3, Test for #4; Cover #1,2,4, Test for #3, etc.



Ahh. Good idea. I have a tendency to think in too linear a fashion (occupational hazard). Sometimes the most straightforward idea doesn't stand out to me like it probably should.

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Another idea is to disable the devices via hidden :x: in the device list and then one by one enable them to see which reports active.