Is there an easier way to do this?

The goal is to gradually increase brightness and colour temp over a 30 mins period

There is an action to do just this.


Can you do the same with colour to simulate sunrise?

Color temperature corresponds to sun position. Not color per se. So dawn would be something like 1500K at 1% brightness, and noon would be 7000K at 100% brightness.

My wake-up routine (using LIFX bulbs) involves gradually going from:

1500K, 1% to 4000K , 100% over 20 minutes. Works very well.

All my bulbs are Sengled not LIFX but I am assuming something like this would do the trick?

I would recommend using the example that @bravenel posted.

Sengled bulbs support CT, so you should use color temperature.

Please note I have changed the title of the request trying to get the current rule to work in an easier way. I did try the fade up colour temperature but the transition seemed a bit choppy.

I believe I found my own mistake this seems to be working nicely

In my experience, choppy transitions are largely due to a bulb snapping to the new color / temperature immediately. Setting the bulbs to transition over 500ms or 1s makes the steps much less blatant.


Ooh I am currently using the Philips hue “wake up” scene automation for my wake up light but would love to have this entirely in hubitat so that the timing can sync with other actions/events (I.e. a changing alarm clock time!)

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