Is there an app that restores bulbs power state in a power outage assuming my hub has battery backup?

Is there an app that restores bulbs power state in a power outage assuming my hub has battery backup?

Which bulbs? Some like Sengled have "power restore state" capability.

Sengled do? Does Hubitat have to remain powered?

The hub doesn't need to be on for power restore.
Just remember not all sengled bulb though. All Hue bulbs on a HUE bridge could do this.

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Do these

I don't think so. - sorry this was a reply to your earlier post. The amazon link bulbs look like they might BUT see my experience below..

edit: this bulb is using the "Advanced Zigbee RGBW Bulb" driver. It does not appear to be on the normal "Sengled Element Color Plus" driver.

edit2: aaaand I just tested it by pulling the plug on my desk lamp. Did not restore state which was off.... interesting,

@frmWink2Hubitat - so the plot thickens! I had my desk lamp bulb (Sengled Element Colored Plus_ set to the advanced driver and set to restore last state, I turned it off via the device page and pulled the plug. When I plugged it back in it came on instead of remaining off. I hit "configure" and the bulb changed color to blue, set the temp to 3000 and level to 99 then turned off and tried again... when I plugged it back in the bulb was registered as "off" in HE but was very dim and white. I turned it on and it went back to fully on (3000/99).


Interesting, looks like I’ll have to shell out $50 for hue if I want power restore

I like the sengleds in general, you might be able to do some cool RM Rule Foo with storing the state of each bulb and using a Ring Repeater to detect power outage/restore and on a "power restore" restores last known state based on the variable or something like that..

I believe staff have mentioned that the "state on power restore" feature of the "Advanced..." bulb drivers does not work with Sengled bulbs, so that's consistent with what you see. There may be others that also don't. Besides Hue (with the Bridge or possibly with this driver directly, though the driver is a hub-based solution that will not work with all bulbs), ones I know that support this include Inovelli bulbs (currently out of stock), many switches and dimmers (if you're able to use those instead of bulbs), and probably more I can't think of off hand.


Who can I contact to ask if any bulbs support the power restore

You would have to consult the documentation, specifications, or other product literature for your particular bulbs. The vendors themselves should also know, though whether their support (who you'd have to ask) knows could be another story, so I'm not sure I'd go that route. :slight_smile:

On Hubitat, most directly-paired Zigbee bulbs should work with the "Advanced..." Zigbee bulb driver that has the "state on power restore" feature. Sengled is the only exception I know of, but there are likely others. There are also other concerns with directly-paired Zigbee bulbs. Hue (via the Bridge) and Inovelli (Z-Wave on Hubitat, or any controller that lets you configure them) are two I know of that have an on-bulb feature for this, which is probably the most reliable method but also the least common.

Community experience is probably the best indicator beyond the above.

What bulbs besides the Hue bulbs DOES this feature work with? I mean something is happening when I pull the plug and then restore.. just not exactly what it should do but almost.

edit: sorry your post beat mine!

I stopped using directly-paired Zigbee bulbs on Hubitat a while back (except Sengled, which I still am not a huge fan of), so I don't know. :slight_smile: But even with Hue bulbs, it doesn't use the Hue-firmware "power on state" feature--just a generic approach Hubitat wrote in the driver to accommodate most bulbs. Sengled is likely an exception because they try to report a Zigbee "off" even with a physical power cut, which is unusual (their power was cut after all, so it's apparently part of how they decided to use whatever was left before it all drained away). I'm guessing most others would work, but that's just a guess. The Hue Bridge feature with Hue bulbs is likely to work the most reliably given that it's an on-bulb feature, the only one I know of in the Zigbee space and one of few I can think of off the top of my head in general.

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You know how u can add non hue apps to the hue bridge? Do those bulbs do the power state as well

I have not really had any issues with my sengleds. I do like that they do not repeat. Color changing accuracy is not really important to me.

I also have the Inovelli ilumin bulbs which are awesome as long as you have the latest firmware and keep them powered - they do restore just fine in an outage though.

No, this is a firmware feature supported only by Hue bulbs (and only those with recent-ish firmware, but the Hue app and Bridge can get all generations dating back to the very first updated to support this).

I can confirm only Hue bulbs on Hue bridge will have power on behavior ( Phillips' terminology) capability. I have a few Ikea and really old firmware osram bulbs on the bridge with no power on behavior supported.
I can also can confirm you can update all your old Hue bulbs with your bridge to have this capability. I have a few of the first gen hue bulbs and updated them last year for this reason.

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