Is there a way to turn debug on Homekit Integration (Beta)?

Is there a way to turn debug on for more detailed logs for Homekit Integration (Beta)? I run into an occasional "No Response" across all devices surfaces through this app. Please advise if any one has figure out how to troubleshoot, or a compensating action to get it working again!

Some devices that you expose to homekit pose incompatability issues. This can vary from a type not being supported to a driver that is exposing invalid endpoints or data to homekit.

The best workaround is to expose one device at a time to homekit until you stumble upon the device that causes the homekit integration to freeze and become unrepsonsive.

Once that (type of) device has been removed (not exposed to homekit any more) and the integration has been restarted you will see things will start to work again.

Thanks, @H_Local!

After a 18 hour power outage due to storms, everything at home rebooted, and everything is back to normal functioning state, with no "no response" devices. :grinning:

For more information C-8 + up-to-date Software. I have two homekit integrations. One that is native to Hubitat which carries all my devices except for shades, and garage doors which on one a Homebridge.

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