Is there a way to tell if my Database is Corrupted?

I recently had a unexpected power failure.
(i didn't do a shutdown first!)

How can I tell if my database has been corrupted?
Anyone have any good metric?

Is it working? That would be the easiest test...

Lots of errors in the Logs is the best indicator.

But if you experience any problems, Soft Reset with restore is the safest, easiest way to recover:


Another way I have found is that after you reboot your hub if you go to settings > zwave details and most if not all of your devices are missing from the list, is a good sign your database is corrupted. (I have noticed this happening semi-regularly lately)

Even though you click on the devices tab and they all still show up there.

Do a soft reset and restore database and they re-appear in the zwave details.

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