Is there a way to force a new line in the Preference title?

Subject pretty much says it all.

For instance:

What would really be cool but I'm guessing its not in the cards is:
A text box the is shown when you mouse over the preference description.


For device drivers, the HTML encoding of "\n" doessn't work unfortunately.

Also, are you using both fields available: Title and description? It appears that you are only using one.
That should automatically give you at least two separate lines. One other thing, since you are entering a default value, is it important to list the default value in the text as well? Since it is the value that is entered, I would assume people would know it's the default. It is also possible to include a preferences tile that is just text, using the paragraph function.

You can use the html "< br >" (without the spaces) i have used that in a few drivers



Thanks... that works :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Its always a question in my mind whether I should respond saying thanks or just check the like emoji and in this case check the solution box.