Is there a way to add an App Tile to the Dashboard?

I'm hoping there's a way to add 2 different apps to my Dashboard to control a given device. Specifically, I have 2 timer apps for a switch, one that's a 20 minute delay and the other that's a 4 hour delay.

So I'm wondering if I can add a tile that is based on an App vs. just a device?

You cannot add apps to the dashboard. You would have to create controller devices in order to add those to the dashboard and then link those devices to your app.

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Create two virtual switches that serve as additional triggers for each of the two rules (one virtual switch per rule), and then add the virtual switches to your Dashboard.


Cool ... that sounds perfect. Thanks!

Well ... I thought I understood your suggestions, but I guess I didn't, since I can't get it to work.

Here's what I did:

• I setup a Virtual Switch to be used for a 5 second delay timer, with it's normal state to be ON

• Created app

When I test the app using "Run Updates" it works and sends me a Pushover message. Although, it won't work when I just turn off the Virtual Switch on the Device page.

I think I read that I can't turn a virtual switch on/off directly. Is that true? Could that be causing the problem?

Sorry for the confusion.

May I suggest that you also consider a user created device, "switch timer" (also "switch timer with reset"). Works great. If you turn on that type of switch, it will turn off after a user specified number of minutes/seconds.
(Google is your friend!)

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Yes, you can do that no problem. What I don't understand is why you are turning the virtual switch back on after a delay instead of turning it off. #1, the update would be trigger by the switch turning on but also, the virtual switch driver has a built in function to turn itself back off after a delay.

Also, based on your post, I have absolutely no clue what you are trying to accomplish or what app you are talking about.

What I'm trying to do is have my Protein Skimmer (for my reef tank) turn off for 20 minutes and then turn back on. I'd also like to set up another app? to turn the skimmer off for 4 hours and then turn back on.

The end result would be to have 2 tiles on my Dashboard. One that turns of the skimmer by 20 minutes and the other tile would turn off the skimmer for 4 hours.

I currently have a simple app (below) that I've been using on my Dashboard, that utilizes the physical smart switch.

Thanks ... I created the "Switch Timer with Reset" device, which looks like it might work. Although, I haven't quite figured out to setup the preferences to have the switch turn off for 20 minutes.

Perhaps it may be possible to setup 2 Switch Timers.
One of them is for 20 minutes. While it is on, you don't turn on the other.

P.S. A thank you to @JasonJoel for creating that type of switch, and letting me know about it.

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Agreed ... so, it sounds like I would have one Switch Timer setup for a 20 minute delay and another Switch Timer setup with a 4 hour delay.

So if I want to control the timers using my Dashboard, I would have a 20 minute tile and a 4 hour tile, linked to their respective Switch Timer.

Also, I guess I need to experiment some more.

Do you mean a rule?

If so, I would create two virtual switches, one called "Off for 20 Mins" and the other called "Off for 4 hours". I would set them up to auto-off after 2 seconds.

I would use these switches turning on as the trigger for a rule each that turns the switch off and then back on after the delay that you set (20 mins for one rule and 4 hours for the other). I think that would be the easiest way to accomplish this.

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