Is there a newbie video guide on how to Customize a Dashboard?

Is there a you tube video that shows how to change icons, backgrounds, make it icons change status to a different and where to download icons? Got my first dashboard done but it look blah.

I started using Action Tiles ( when I had my SmartThings hub. When I switeched the HE, I was thrilled to see that they offer a Hubitat version as well. Their system appears to be much more flexible for customization (or... maybe I'm just more familiar with it, and too lazy to learn new tricks).

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Some really good tips and how to here.

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And now I have to amend what I said about ActionTiles. I had one little irritating issue with ActionTiles on the Hubitat that I've not been able to resolve. When I have tiles for my wife and I use Life360, it always shows whichever is the last tile to be Present, whether regardless of what the device shows.

Now today, because I saw these threads about alternate dashboards, I ran into Sharp Tools. It doesn't have that problem, and I'm surprised at how easy Sharp Tools is to configure. Plus it appears to offer more options than either the built in dashboard or ActionTiles.

I'm going to use up the free trial, but I suspect I'm a convert.

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I have a dashboard and it functions but its not pretty looking which is why Im looking for a video how to customize it now.

Yeah but who wants to rely on a cloud based solution. A better one would be Hubivue ( which is 100% local.

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look at . It's 100% local and pretty

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The book of knowledge has spoken always like when you chime in. I was looking at the other 2 app and had no clue it was so integrated. I thought I would have to down load a bunch of stuff to make it work. I do like the local aspect vs cloud. I will check it out also but this is exactly the suggestions I was looking for.
Thanks to all
PS any other sites or suggestions Im will to look at. Im so happy im in the last phase of a long transition journey.
I checked out hubiview like the fact it free but not sure if it has a good flow and ease use like other ones. Seems like a lot of discussion for bugs. Thoughts from anyone before I rip my hair out trying to figure out free hubiview or the "the what seems like" from the other 2 paid programs with easier flow.

what do you use and why?

I highly reccomend Hubivue! Looks great, highly customizable, the developer is very responsive, and it has many very cool features like guest dashboards (exactly what it sounds like, dashboards you can create for your guests that they can access with a simple QR code).

Here is my main dashboard with a custom theme

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program level of difficulty? See I like that, but not sure how a developer can sustain his dedication without a price? It looks good kinda of what im looking for. I guess Ill try it since its free, but Ill be open to more suggestions.

You can even do your design on windows and it goes to iphone and android

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Not very difficult at all. It's mostly just figuring out what you want and how to get it to display. Pretty much just clicking through templates.
You don't need to know CSS or any other coding, Like this community, there's a community (mostly regulars here) that's are willing to help out, and the developer himself is great about helping out as well.

He has both a free tier and a paid tier. With the paid tier you get some additional features like theme builder, duo colored icons, and some other things @gslender is the developer and can better explain what all you get on the paid tier (you may want to reach out in the Hubivue Community i linked to above). He has said there will always be a highly functional free tier, and that certain features like the guest dashboards would be always be on that tier.

Another one I use (was my primary until Hubivue came along) is the android only Hubitat Dashboard App
Both apps use maker API, and both are highly customizable. They both have their unique traits , and very responsive developers. I just prefer Hubivue a bit more now. I think it has more functionality and a very nice visual appearance.

One other thing I forgot to point out about Hubivue, is it is cross-platform, Available on Android, Apple Windows and Web.

Hi @robandchristy1 - I know what you mean by the community mainly having bugs identified and not much else - I think the reason for that is that the app is fairly straight forward to use. Once you setup MakerAPI, the setup wizard does a lot of configuration if your hub is laid out normally with rooms and devices labeled correctly etc. Of course there is a the normal level of tweaking, but I think most of the times it can be worked out without much extra knowledge as I've tried very hard to make it as intuitive as possible. I'd really welcome your comments on that, and if indeed you found it easy enough to setup and get working. As with everything with HomeAutomation, the first step is always where you learn the most (I think what you're referring to as flow)... but after that, you should be finding it easy. Cheers, Grant


I missed this the first time through. If you are referring to the others I think you are (i still have dashboards with both, I just don't use them), hubivue is by far easier to set up and easier to customize and use than they are. While it looks like there have been a lot of bugs, there really havent been, mostly tweaky sort of things. The developer is very quick to fix any, usually within a day or so once he knows about it. Hubivue is just a few months old, and just barely out of beta, so there will be bugs that pop up. Heck even hubitat itself has bugs with every release that don't get caught in beta. It definitely is not a "tear your hair out trying to figure it out" kind of thing. If you decide to try it and get stuck reach out to the developer, or you can hit me up through either community and i'll gladly help you out.

Hubitat is the only forum that Iv ever seen that developers comment on posts. Your statement for bugs is also correct since I didnt know this has been recently released. Im all up for trying and giving feedback. Ill set it up this weekend

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Does anyone know if you can change the name of a device in the native dashboard app? I.e i have a motion sensor in the studio that i also read the ropm temperature on.. in my dashboard i use it as part of zone motion but i also want to have it as a temperature tile named Studio. i dont want the name on top of my temperature view to be "studio motion sensor"

If you are talking about the native dashboard, then i think it can be done with CSS, (I am horrible at that). I think either @sburke781 or @thebearmay has an app to make that easier. I recall seeing it, I just don't remember who's it was. Heck, I even have it installed but haven't used it since I'm primarily using Hubivue now (in which you can do that without CSS).



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Thanks @lcw731 and @rlithgow1 .

As simple as I try to make it with my tool, if this is only a one-off or rare thing for you to do (adjusting the styling of a tile), then it may be simpler just to get the code to do it.

I've typically stolen looked up a lot of mine from the Noobs CSS thread, a lot of good stuff there. So I'd suggest looking there in most cases.

If you want to do more of this, then I encourage you to try my CSS editor.

From what my CSS editor produces to replace the text for a title, this is what I had (replace the tile id of 64 with the id of your tile and replace my title of "Motion" with "Studio"):

#tile-64 .tile-title { visibility: hidden; }
	#tile-64 .tile-title:after { visibility: visible !important; position: absolute; left: 50%; top: 50%; transform: translate(-50%, -50%); overflow: hidden; white-space: nowrap !important; content: "Motion" !important; }

Here's the settings configured in my CSS editor:

If you want to add the text I posted above to replace the title, you need to click the Settings Cog Icon on the dashboard, select Advanced, then CSS. You can simply paste the text in there, click Save CSS, close the dialog and refresh the dashboard by clicking the green tick icon.

There's a couple more positioning tweaks you may want to do, but I'll leave that up to your own taste and can assist if you need it.

Maybe one day I will do a video on how to use it, but still plenty I want to work on first....


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