Is there a Network Analyser to assist with mesh issues

Hi all.
Just a quick bit of background. I have 3 hubs, C3, 5 and 7. All on different ZB channels.
Most of my devices ZB and ZW and on my C7.
All has been good for the past few months with no latency issues.
I have a good strong mesh, I believe, with lots of outlets etc. that are known good repeaters.
For the past week my ZB devices started to intermittently responding slowly.
I tried moving a couple of devices to another hub and they sharpen up.
I then thought I would change the ZB channel of the C7 and things immediately improved. All devices moved back and still all OK.
This indicates to me, you guys may have other thoughts, that I'm probably getting channel interference from somewhere on the original channel I was using.

After all that here is my question.
Is there anything out there, some sort of analyser, that can scan my house for WiFi and ZB channels that are detectable and could be clashing with the channels I'm using and causing issues.

BTW I have my router set to a fixed WiFi channel that is away from the ZB channels I am using.

Just a side note. I have a C-4, 5, and 7 so a similar setup. The C-4 was having issues with Zigbee for several weeks and it turned out the radio eventually died. That's why I got the C-7 since I was planning on adding one anyway. The C-4 is still happily routing Z-wave and doing other tasks but Zigbee is shutdown on it. I'm still migrating some things but everything is happy again.

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There are apps for cell phones, like WiFi Analyzer, that will show you WiFi traffic and channel utilization. That might help.

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Thanks. Yes I've had a look at that and there is not much there that should impact my mesh.
About 6 months ago I had a smart meter fitted. Within hours my ZB devices started playing up. I moved ZB channels to resolve it then. I was hoping there would be something for maybe charting zigbee channel usage in a similar way to WiFi analyser.

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