Is there a list of replaceable parameters for RM

I'm wondering if there is a complete list of the replaceable text parameters you can use in text fields in Rule Machine. For example %device%, %time%, %date% and so on. In some of the screens it will tell you at least some of what you can use but I can't find a full list.
So for instance, if you have a rule that is triggered by any one of say 5 switches change. You can get the device that triggered the rule with %device% but can you get the state of the switch?

I believe %text% will give you that info. There is also one called %value%

@bravenel said something once to the effect of, each of those variables that’s available can be seen on the page in which you’re able to actually use it for an automation, mostly notifications if I’m not mistaken. There’s no other officially compiled listing.

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The Rule Machine UI will show you these options most places where they can be used. For example, check out the Send/Speak a Message action (under Send, Speak, or Log a Message, Send HTTP Request > Send/Speak a Message).

The most notable place I can think of where you can use these but they aren't indicated as such is when setting the value of a variable. For example, when setting a string variable, you can use any of these, which can be helpful when you need to "elevate" them to "real" variable status so you can use them in additional ways.

In your case, it sounds like you want %value%, which will be the value of the device attribute that triggered the rule. For a switch, this would be "on" or "off."


The trigger event device is %device%, and the event value is %value%. That would be the state the device took on to trigger the rule.

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