Is there a driver for this govee air purifier?

I’d like to link it to a pico. Also, I don’t know much about air purifiers, any reason not to get this one?

I don't know about the govee, but there is a driver for the Levoit Core200s and the Levoit Core400s. I have both purifiers and the driver works good.


We have several Levoit in our home, as well as a WINIX (not a smart purifier). I got the Levoit specifically so that I could control them with Hubitat (after writing some drivers). I also have the 300S supported, but I think I haven't uploaded that to GitHub yet.

I really like that the 300S and the 400S (and the 600S, I believe) have an 'auto' mode -- it sense the air quality and adjusts the air speed accordingly. Our WINIX has the same feature, but the Levoit 200S does not. I don't know if the Govee has that mode, or not, but it's great.

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