Is there a driver for the Tube’s ZB Routers

I saw a few threads around these devices, and was wondering if there is a Hubitat driver needed, or if these work independently once added to the Hubitat zigbee devices? I have some Zigbee coverage issues and was thinking about getting one of these:

Routers do not need a specific driver to work with hubitat.


I have 2 of those installed inside the house to cover large front & rear yards. Work great.

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IIRC, you just use the plain "Device" device type for these.

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I named mine "Xtended Zigbee" so it goes to the bottom of the device table where I don't have to scroll past it.


For you and anyone else that uses that particular round-puck Tubes router, question please...

Does it show up in your zigbee parent/child parameters list (ip/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo)?

I put one of these out in my garage yesterday and it included as a ZB device just fine and all that. I induced a zigbee panic after install to force a mesh reload, but I'm still not seeing it anywhere in that zb p/c parameters listing...

I'd sleep better if I could somehow confirm that it's actually participating in my mesh.



[Xtended Zigbee Range #1, 1726], LQI:255, age:0, inCost:1, outCost:1

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Good to know, thanks much for confirming -- I'll give it some more time and see if it settles in eventually.

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It may never show up but still be functional. The neighbor table only shows routers directly connected to the hub. So if it is connected via another router, or another two routers ….

Roger that -- I'm confident that's the case as I don't have any reason to think it's not working.

It's out in my detached garage, so while I'm hoping it takes over as the primary repeater for other zigbee stuff out there, it's probably just on an unseen connection for now.

I'm just grateful to know it can indeed show up -- I'll just check periodically. Thanks to you both!

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