Is there a device type "virtual power meter"?

is there a device type "virtual power meter"? Not finding it... I did find all the other virtual devices.

Virtual Power Meter is useful for grouping several related powers to one submeter value, for use on a single dashboard tile. I don't really have the chops to make a virtual device, but I think I can figure out how to fill in the value. Like in smartthings+webcore+actiontiles.

Looking forward to eliminating last tie to smartthings cloud!

There is no virtual power meter to summarize your different powers.
Personnaly, I use Tile Master from Bryan and it works perfect.


The Virtual OmniSensor has power and energy attributes available.


Is it available on a new firmware ? I have V and none of these are available.


Once you set a value, the attribute will populate under the current states.

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The problem is that I don't have power in this device, so unable to set a value... Maybe a question of updated firmware ? I quick checked for the info but didn't find any results. Which firmware are you running ?

I'm sorry. I should have mentioned that I'm on the latest firmware.
Edit: It looks as if it was a recent addition.

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