Is there a device template (Dashboard) for changing color of group of color bulbs?

I have groups of color LEDs that I can turn on and off together in a Dashboard. I use a "switch" template in the dashboard to control them together.

Is there a template that will allow not only on/off control of all the devices in the group, but also their color?

I think you can do it this way.

  • Go to Apps, and Groups and Scenes. (You may have to install this if you haven't already)
  • Select Create Group, name that group, and pick the bulbs. Hit Done.
  • Back in Apps, go to the dashboard app setting for where you want to control the bulb. You will have a new device under whatever you named this group. Update, and Done.
  • On the Dashboard, use this new group device, and color bulb to add a new tile.

I only partially tried this, you will have to see if it works to control multiple bulbs. Mine are all in rules, so I didn't want to go changing where they were set.

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I actually had it set up that way, but thought the on/off part wasn't working. Turns out there was just a relatively long delay for the on/off, probably because of the wifi, rgb ledcontrollers that are the devices in the group.

It worked initially, but now the device colors aren't changing when I change the color of the group color bulb.

It quit working when I was playing with color temperature. Maybe that only works for RGBW and the devices in the group are just RGB. And, maybe that messed something up, but I don't see anything in the logs.

Seems I had more than one browser up with a dashboard in it. I think I had a different template configured for the group in each browser tab. I think that was what was confusing me.

Anyway, seems to be working now!

Thanks again.


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