Is there a Device Location/Room API?


I'm porting over a local intranet dashboard and am using the current SmartThings location/room API which allows me to group and correlate device location at runtime for UI presentation... kind of what the Room View (http://{HUB}/room/list) does.

I cannot find this functionality in Hubitat - and while I could hardcode all my devices/rooms in a config file that is read at startup I would prefer NOT to... so my question/feature request is HOW do I access this device location metadata?

Here's the current SmartThings API (with only a single element, pertinent fields and mocked data shown):

GET /v1/locations
{ "locationId": "location-test", "name": "My SmartThings Hub" }

GET /v1/locations/location-test/rooms
{ "roomId": "room-test", "name": "My Kitchen", "locationId": "location-test" }

GET /v1/devices
{ "deviceId":"device-test", "name":"My Lights", "roomId": "room-test", "locationId":"location-test" }

Thanks for any feedback - I absolute LOVE this platform!

As the room concept is still in its "foundational" stage they haven't published the information concerning the object(s) that is/are involved; I suspect it is because they are still developing the use cases and may need to adjust the objects and attributes.

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Thanks for the quick response! I'll cut-n-paste the JSON from SmartThings and massage it into a config file format that can be read at runtime... until the API solidifies.

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