Is there a better DH for Fibaro FGMS-001, built in support is disappointing

It is my understanding that customer's whom have been dissatisfied with their purchase within the specified return period, have been offered a refund for return of the product. Contact @bobbyD via PM for detail

@SmartHomePrimer Good point, I forgot this wasn't an indiegogo or kickstarter purchase :slight_smile:

FYI, someone else ported that code posted as a comment and I'm the one that reported it most likely had issues because they didn't change certain things that needed to be changed...

I have an original motion sensor (using DH Fibaro Motion Sensor) and a V3. 2 (using DH Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5).
Both are working just fine for me.

Sorry, my bad. I know you do excellent work. This is kinda why I don't like community only software management. It took a long time for ST to get github working but I depend on it now :slight_smile:

That's great, I really wish mine did. I would love to debug the issue but I don't see how I can without some source code.

I am happy to try again if someone can tell me something I need to do differently than
-Include the device
-switch the DH from the incorrect "Fibaro Motion Sensor" to "Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5"
-send configuration to the device (including 5 button press on the device to wake it)

At this point the device is non-responsive. State remains as Motion:Active Acceleration:Inactive

Sorry if I missed it somewhere else, but after you switch the driver from "Fibaro Motion Sensor" to "Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5", are you then clicking the "Configure" button in the device window before clicking on "Save"?

You only click it once to wake it up. 5 clicks might be excluding it or something which could be why it stops responding...

If you want to configure your motion sensor, click the B button 3 times quite quickly.
The sensor will glow blue. It is now in configuration mode.
Hit the configuration button in the driver to 'push' the configuration to the device.

I have spotted some sort of anomaly though.
My device is an old version so has HE's 'Fibaro Motion Sensor' allocated to it.
When I look at the device in HE I am seeing this.

This does not seem correct to me.
Any thoughts @mike.maxwell

EDIT: Also since I have been playing, my battery level has dropped to 0%. Put in brand new battery and this is showing the same. Something is afoot me thinks.

yes, that is what I mean when I say "switch" to new DH. save would be required to make that happen. Sorry I didn't make that clear

I should also point out that configurations are working. The device follows my settings. If I set the tamper to flash red white blue it does but status remains static for tamper. If I set it to flash on motion, it does. But status remains motion:active it never returns to inactive.

I kinda know what I am doing. It just isn't working.

Sorry, the "Configure" button, did you click that too?

You know sometimes you should leave well alone, well I should have.
The only thing that is registering now is illuminance. No tamper or motion is now working. AAAHHHHH.

Like I said configuration changes are working. Doesn't that pretty much mean I am doing that part correctly?

Exactly! Thank you for confirming my report. Sorry that happened to you though.

most of those data elements were created from the previous driver, switching drivers around isn't going to clear out or reset much if any of that.
re the battery, not sure what to say, even the worst driver on the planet isn't going to kill a fresh battery right before your eyes...
If this was actually draining that battery that quickly the device would likely catch fire.

So do you have any suggestions on how to address the issues we are both having?

Regarding clearing elements from previous driver I see a few options.

  1. let the user select the driver on install
  2. when user switches drivers clear current settings
  3. fix the driver so the correct ones get assigned (least likely to address ongoing issues)

not really ATM as I'm having trouble following this thread, so lets start with the basics
when you initially paired the device, what driver did it select?, and how old is the sensor, and how many other zwave devices do you have connected currently and what is their operational status?

the data section is for internal use, there isn't any need to be concerned over what exists or doesn't exist here, none of it will effect the functionality or performance (or lack thereof in this case) of the device.

LOL, and yet we are expected to use the threads as our only documentation. You prove my point that community threads are not enough.

It selected "Fibaro Motion Sensor" so I have to switch to "Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5" before I continue as the selected Dh doesn't work. That was in the thread.

Zero, this is my first and only experience so far......not good.

If it is in the GUI and confuses the user that is the wrong attitude in my opinion.

You don't really have to address this problem for me. I have decided to return my hub. But Bob would probably like some help.

I decided to bite the bullet and exclude the sensor and then re-include it in case it had somehow got screwed with all my playing about with it.
When I did this HE allocated it the stock DH and it is now working OK again.


but having 30+ device configuration parameters in the UI isn't confusing...

No because they are all documented in the manual.

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