Is the C7 available in Canada anywhere?

There used to be a single seller on but late last week they were marked as unavailable with no indication of when it would come back.

Does anybody know of how to get a C7 in Canada?


You can simply order it directly from Collections – HUBITAT

Yea the problem with that is rolling the dice with import taxes, duties and brokerage charges. If it it was shipped using USPS, then it might be ok, but if shipping is via any of the shipping partners like UPS, or FedEx then there is likely an additional $20-$30 brokerage charge, which makes it a very expensive device.

@bravenel can probably let you know which shipping service they use for Canadian orders.

We ship by USPS, or by DHL. And you're right about customs: usually not collected by Canada Post, always collected by DHL.

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I just noticed that a reputable Canadian distributor of security and smarthome products is currently selling the C7 hub for CAD$179.00 ($20 off their regular price) until November 2nd. Free shipping in Canada for all orders over CAD$100. That's a fair price considering the exchange rate is ~1.31 nowadays and the hub currently sells for USD$129.95. No worries about 'customs roulette' because this ships from them (in Oshawa).

I've purchased several products from them over the past few years and experienced prompt shipping and excellent customer service (I am simply a customer and not affiliated with them).


Thank you. I just placed an order.

I just ordered one as well.

+1 for aartech in Canada. Best domotic distributor you can find in here.