Is Remote service down?

When I select one of my hubs all I get is a blank page and spinning pointer.

When in doubt, you can always check the Subscriptions page on, it shows the current status of Remote Admin service.

The service is not down. Also checked my hubs and I don't have the same problem. Are you trying to connect from or via Mobile App?

I should have known to look there. Thanks. Is this what the url should look like after what appears to be a very brief message too fast to read. I'm guessing a redirect message. Remove the dash.


It should be redirecting to login page, if not logged already. The address of the Remote Admin portal is:

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I was getting logged in, it was when I selected a server to remote I would get the brief message and then blank page. I tried on iPad and it worked. Went back to MAC and now it is working. strange.