"Is Now and Stays for ..."

In Webcore there is a trigger function called, "Is Now and Stays for (time)". Does anyone have a suggestion for implementing that in a RM rule?

The trigger could be "is now". In the actions, I would have a delay for the desired length of time, and then use either a simple conditional or a conditional to test for the value.

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Thanks. I just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something defined this way already. I'll give your suggestion a try.

I would also use a Private Boolean to ensure that there aren't multiple concurrent triggering events because the sensor value changes frequently.

In Rule 5.0, there is also "Wait for condition" and a "use duration" option. Used together (and with an appropriate trigger, depending on what you need for that rule--likely the "is X" thing you mentioned originally), this would also do what you want.

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Thanks for pointing this out. I overlooked those recent changes in 5.0

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