Is it possible to show units in the Current States Temperature display

Is there a way to add units to the Current States Temperature?


For end users? No. It's certainly a change staff could make at the platform level (how likely that is, I can't say), or you could use a custom device driver with a custom attribute that displayed a string value in whatever way you want. Otherwise, as-is, event units are part of the event (at the platform level) if the driver sends them, so an app can use that information in whatever way it wants, and for most attributes it's standardized at the capability level so predictable in that way.

I think the convert to string will be best in the long run. For now I think I'll just add a state variable with the units.

I realize the "platform" asks what units I prefer, but I've had to work with °F AND °C so much that I prefer to see the units.

Its a shame, our "leaders" will never change to Metric. They will do nothing and Metric will slowly displace imperial pushed by global industries.

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