Is it possible to restore local C8 backup to C7?

Will it work to use a local backup of a C8 and restore to a C7? Both hubs have the same set of devices and they're all Z-Wave (not using Zigbee).

On the flip side, could I then restore a C7 local backup to a C8 with identical devices/radios?

You could restore the db itself back to the c7, but without hub protect you cannot restore the z-wave radio. You would have to re pair all your zigbee stuff. If this was from your original migration, your z-wave stuff "may work"

Same thing for c7-c8. Though you can re do the migration to the C8. If you're looking for failover though this won't do it.


@support_team Along the lines of restoring a C8 to a C7, I'm interested in rolling back to the C7 as it worked better for me overall. Assuming I have hub protect, will the z wave radio's restore properly on a C7 from a C8 backup? I tried it and only 2 devices of my 130+ zwave devices appears.

You can restore but only z-wave. Though when you re pair your zigbee they will automatically slot back into their old positions

Thanks for the followup. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case. I've tried multiple restores of the C8 cloud backup on the C7 and only 2 of the 77 zwave devices are restores and oddly all the zigbee devices appear to be restored. The C8 and C7 are on matching firmware. I've soft reset the C7 multiple times and I've cleared both the C7 zwave and zig bee radios. I've also tried several different versions of the c8 cloud backup in case the backup I was using was bad. My only two conclusions I can come up with are either the cloud backups are bad in general which would be really bad, or the C8's radio backups are simply incompatible with the C7's radio. either case, I've been unable to rollback to the C7 which was always more stable in my environment (all be in less performance) then the C8.

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Yes, local backups are the same for all hubs and even platfrom versions (no need to ensure that both hubs run the same version).

Hub Protect covers both radios on a C-8, but only Z-Wave on older hubs. Both Zigbee and Z-Wave devices will be shown on the Devices page, however Zigbee devices will need to be paired on the C-7 hub. To confirm that radio data was restored, check out the Z-Wave Details page. All devices that have been restored should be listed on the page. Zigbee Details page would be empty. If devices don't work from the Device Details page, you may need to run a Z-Wave repair (or let the mesh settle) especially if the two hubs are in two different locations (if even so slightly different placement).

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I did check out the zwave details page and only 2 of the 77 devices were restored. the zigbee details page shows all 4 of the devices were restored. Z wave repair had no positive affect.

Shutdown the c7, unplug for 5 mins, power back up. Do all the z-wave details show?

I followed your advise. I restored the C7 from the C8 cloud backup and check all boxes to restore everything from the cloud. I unplugged it for 5 minutes but no positive affect. Only 2 of the 77 zwave devices restore and all 4 zigbee devices. The rollback doesn't appear to work.

Hmmm... @bobbyD is there any reason why the z-wave radio wouldn't restore?

No, but we also didn't test extensively going back to older models. Under Hub Protect users will have the same model or newer when restoring a cloud backup.

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