Is it possible to link Hubitat Elevation with Livolo Dimmer Switches?

Hello Everyone,

Could you please advise if it's possible to link Livolo dimmer switches with Hubitat Elevation that I already have?
I was told at the store that if I buy Livolo dimmer switches I need to buy Livolo WIFI controller like this one.
But I wonder can I connect Livolo dimmer switches to Hubitat directly and don't buy that Livolo WIFI controller?

Thanks in advance,

The problem with wifi switches is that they are not designed to function outside of their manufacturer’s own walled garden.

Hubitat has native compatibility with a few WiFi devices, but I don’t believe this brand is one of them.

I’m not sure how appealing this might be to you, but many WiFi switches from different manufacturers use the same chip and can be flashed with an alternative firmware, which does have an integration with hubitat created by a community developer.

If you google “tasmota” and the name of your WiFi switch brand, you might be able to find out if that’s an option.